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Unassembled 1/10th Scale 4WD Nitro Powered Car With 18SS Engine, Aluminum Chassis, Ball Bearings, Unpainted Body, No Radio System.

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Now available from HPI Racing is the powerful new Nitro RS4 3 18SS nitro touring car. For a big boost in power we added our powerful 18SS engine. Rated at 1.5 horsepower, the 18SS is a high torque engine with features that include aggressive porting, durable ABC construction, a large heat sink head, dual needle 6mm carburettor and a lightweight aluminium connecting rod. The large .18 cubic inch size propels the Nitro RS4 3 18SS to a top speed in excess of 50 mph! The 18SS engine is designed to be easy to start, easy to tune and rock-steady reliable. It's equipped with an easy to use recoil pullstarter and, for racing applications, can be bump started. A high flow tube header and dual chamber tuned pipe are mated to revised gearing combine to make the Nitro RS4 3 18SS one of the most powerful 1/10 scale production cars ever!

The Nitro RS4 3 18SS has many of the features found on our popular RTR Nitro RS4 3, making it a great kit for parking lot drivers. The tough shaft drive system keeps the drivetrain running smoothly even in parking lots that aren't completely free of rocks. The enclosed receiver/battery box and removable radio tray keep the electronics protected from the elements and make clean-up a snap. Hardened metal differential gears are now included to help tame the power of the 18SS engine. A stiff purple anodized aluminium 2.5mm chassis prevents flex for consistent handling and extra durability. An adjustable 2 speed transmission is included, compatible with a wide variety of optional gears to help tune the gearing to track conditions. And, we've added adjustable turnbuckles for easy tuning of the suspension settings. Everything combined gives the Nitro RS4 3 18SS a healthy dose of bottom end punch and screaming top end performance, and the durability to handle parking lot conditions with ease. This is an unassembled kit designed for hobbyists who enjoy the process of building their own cars. Two different clear bodies are available, the awesome Ford GT or the exotic Lamborghini Gallardo. Realistic vinyl decals are supplied - pre-cut for easy application, along with convenient window masks and protective film. And, the kit comes with no electronics so that racers can customize the car with their favourite radio system. Speed, durability, and loaded with features, check out the new Nitro RS4 3 18SS!

Nitro RS4 3 18SS features: Powerful 18SS engine High torque, 1.5 horsepower engine that is easy to tune and maintain. Perfect for "outlaw" class racers. One of the most powerful small block engines available! Shaft drive 4WD system Proven tough shaft drive system with full time four wheel drive for excellent handling, durability and protection against rocks that can get stuck in the drivetrain of belt-driven cars. Hardened metal final drive gears Heat treated metal gears for extra durability. Revised gear ratio New gearing for quicker acceleration and a maximum top speed in excess of 50mph! Machined aluminium engine mounts Precision machined aluminium keeps the engine cool, anodized purple for custom looks. 2-speed transmission Automatically shifts for quick acceleration and high top speed. Heavy duty outdrives Stronger outdrives to handle the powerful 18SS engine. Fibre disc brake Serious stopping power and less brake fade for more consistent braking. Adjustable steel turnbuckles Easy suspension adjustments for maximum performance and handling. Heavy-duty chassis Thick 2.5mm aluminium chassis prevents flex for consistent handling and extra durability. Black Split-6 wheels Durable, high impact nylon wheels with race-inspired black colour. X-Pattern radial tyres High grip tyres provide excellent handling. Composite tuned pipe and high flow aluminium header High performance dual chamber tuned pipe and high flow aluminium header maximize power output for quick acceleration and high top speed. Adjustable body mounts Quick, easy mounting for a wide variety of body styles. Sealed/Removable Radio Tray Removable radio tray for quick, easy and safe cleaning. The receiver cover protects electronics from the elements and spilled fuel. also available: 10256 - NITRO RS4 3 18SS KIT WITH Ford GT BODY (200mm/WB255mm)

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