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Fun Size! The 1/18 scale Micro RS4 kit is the perfect size for racing indoors. The single belt 4WD drivetrain and rubber tires make running on tile, low-pile carpet and wood floors easy and fun!
  • Precise handling, previously unseen in a small-scale car
  • Drives and feels just like a 1/10th scale Touring Car
  • It's the perfect practice for drivers!
  • Small enough to run in a garage or hobby shop
  • Racing classes will surely spring up to accomodate the Micro RS4
  • About half the cost of a Touring Car
Use Standard Electronics! With the Micro RS4 kit, there is no need for specialized miniature electronics. The Micro RS4 was designed from the beginning to use standard servos, electronic speed controls and receivers. Everything is powered with standard batteries, you decide whether you want long runtimes with AA batteries (up to 40 minutes!). The ingenius battery holder design adjusts for either size battery! Race-Inspired Features! The entire Micro RS4 drivetrain rides on a full set of ball bearings for efficiency and speed, and both ends of the car use gear differentials for great handling! The suspension uses scaled-down cantilever coil-over shocks for precise steering response and tuning ability. Steering is provided by a standard-size servo connected directly to the steering hubs. The rear axle is supported by a single shock, which can be tuned with optional springs. An impact-absorbing bumper protects the front suspension parts from race damage. Fully Adjustable! In addition to the number of tuning changes which can be made on the Micro RS4 (optional tyres, front and rear spring changes and motor gearing options), our designers have provided several more optional adjustments that racers will love! The wheelbase is adjustable between 2 lengths, the width of the car is adjustable (3 different widths in the front, 4 in the rear!), plus the body mounts are adjustable front and rear! No cutting of the body posts is required to fit different bodies. A wide selection of bodies will be able to fit the car easily. Scale R/C Realism at its Finest! Because of the groundbreaking wheelbase and width adjustability of the Micro RS4, we will be able to make polycarbonate bodies that are true to the scale of the real car, giving model car enthusiasts a real reason to run their favorite race cars against each other! We've even provided disc brake decals for the wheel hubs, as well as three different types of wheels in each kit! Mesh style, 5-spoke and 6-spoke wheels will be included with each kit, so Micro RS4 owners can choose the type of wheel they like best for their car. Future Option Parts! We will offer a wide range of option parts for the Micro RS4, for racers who must have the coolest and fastest Micro around! A rear ball differential option will be available for improved handling, as well as a front one-way differential for faster steering and cornering speeds. Soft compound tyres for racers on concrete and wood surfaces will be available as well. A rechargeable battery pack is also planned to make charging and using the batteries simple and fun! The Micro RS4 packs a lot of fun in a small package! The Micro RS4 is the R/C car for everyone! With features normally found only on larger scale R/C cars and the driving enjoyment that comes from playing with smaller cars, the Micro RS4 is a great mix of fun and performance! Tuning options and hop-up parts will satisfy the racer, while the scale looks and ease of driving will satisfy the scale enthusiast! The Micro RS4 promises to be one of the hottest R/C releases this year!

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